Silica gel cat litter 0.5-1.5mm

Silica gel cat litter 0.5-1.5mm is also called Silica gel deodorization bedding,which used as deodorization bedding for cats or other pets toilet. It also can be mixed used with Bentonite cat litter.
Silica gel deodorization bedding have fine particles(with particle size 0.5mm and 0.5mm-1.5mm mixed together as silica gel powder), it is suitable for all kinds of small pets, including baby cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds as well as snakes and lizards and so on. Silica gel deodorization bedding could also be your best choice if you extend it as layer for cages of small-size dogs and other pets to remove odor and keep cages clean.
Deodorization bedding takes good advantage of silica gel’s powerful absorptive property resulted by its typical structure of millions of microscopic pores. With such a good feature, it could absorb pet faeces along with its odor fully and quickly. Besides, the scented silica gel bedding could also give out the fragrance itself and cover up the smells from faeces perfectly. Once you have silica gel deodorization bedding, you could be free from the troublesome of fecal odor!
What’s more, the dehumidification and drying effect of silica gel deodorization bedding could effectively restrain bacteria growth, which makes it apply to bedding all kinds of organic cat litters. Before adding cat litter, you could add a layer of deodorization bedding in bottom of cat litter tray. The bedding underneath could absorb extra urine leaking from upper litters and make the condition dry enough to avoid bacteria breeding inside. If it is wooden cat litter, the bedding could also reduce chances to attract insects and flies within wooden litters. As a result, it is much easier to make litter box clean if you use bedding.

1. Pour Silica gel deodorization bedding into cat litter box directly under cat litter. You can also mix it with cat litter and use the mixture directly.
2. This products should be laid in bottom of litter box first and then putting your favorite cat litter.
3. Adding a layer of Silica gel deodorization bedding into plate and put the plate into bottom of cages to dry pet faeces and remove the odor.